Welcome to the Public Law & Government Committee! We are happy to share what we have planned for 2020 with all Young Lawyers.

Are you a student?

  • Participate in the Sir Anthony Mason Essay Competition. Not only does this look good on your CV but the winner will be presented with a cash prize and the chance to get their writing published.
  • If legal arguments are more your preference, register for our Administrative Law Moot, where you will tackle challenging scenarios around legal technology.
  • Contribute towards a submission and have your voice heard.
  • Be sure to attend our technology in government panel event where some of the brightest minds in law today will be discussing the changing landscape of public law.

A legal practitioner?

  • Become a key contributor for our submissions.
  • Volunteer to mark our essays or judge the Administrative Law moot.
  • Come along to our meetings.
  • Begin your own project within the public law space. We are here to support you every step of the way through our extensive network and industry connections.

How do I get started?

  • It's as simple as signing up to LawID. Once you have registered for the committee you can attend (or call into) any of our meetings hosted every third Wednesday each month from 6:15pm – 7:15pm at the Law Society building. The 2020 meeting dates are below:
  1. March 18 2020
  2. April 15 2020
  3. May 20 2020
  4. June 17 2020
  5. July 15 2020
  6. August 19 2020
  7. September 16 2020
  8. October 21 2020
  9. November 18 2020

If you prefer digital calendars, subscribe to our online calendar here.

There is no strict dress code or requirement to be an expert in the area. If you have any interest in constitutional law, administrative law or government related matters, we guarantee an enjoyable, insightful experience.

You will be able to connect with people in the industry, listen to influential guest speakers and gain an upper hand in understanding public law. Have an interesting viewpoint into the latest interpretation of the Constitution? Bring it to our meeting. Want to present on a particular topic? We will be more than happy to let you share your opinions.

Events + Competitions 

Sir Anthony Mason Constitutional Law Essay Competition 

Competition Information

Competition Guide

- Submit your essay here

Want to get in contact?

Email ylgeneral@lawsociety.com.au and we will get in touch with you shortly.

We are looking forward to seeing you throughout the year.

The Public Law and Government Committee Team